Company Acquisition by using a PoA (Power of Attorney)

Do I have to come to Vienna or can I acquire the shares in the Austrian shelf company by PoA (Power of Attorney)?

Generally speaking, your presence in Vienna is not required. Anyhow from a legal point of view, you may want to be represented by a Power of Attorney. However, your physical presence in Vienna does not only speed up the process but is also more cost efficient. In case of representation, a special power of attorney will be prepared by our notary. However, it may be required – in case the buyer of the Austrian shelf company is a legal entity – to provide supporting documents. The PoA needs to be signed legalised and apostilled. Some signatures have to be made by the new director of the Austrian ready made company in person.

Many corporate banks require at least one time the presence of the new shareholder/director of the Austrian shelf company in person in the branch office in Vienna. Also for us, it is necessary to personally meet you at least once.