In Austria the incorporation of a limited liability company (GmbH – Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) requires a notarial deed. Thus the founding shareholder/s have to legally sign the Articles of Association and the shareholder decision for the appointment of the managing director/s using the services of a notary.  In case the founding shareholder is a foreign legal entity, the power of representation of its/their managing director/s has/have to be consistently verified by a legalized and apostilled register extract.  The appointed managing director/s of the Austrian limited company then has/have to sign a sample signature and the court application for the registration of the the company with commercial courts. The notary meeting can be held in person or remotely using the WEB-ID authentication process. Please read more about each step at the sections below.

Compared to other countries, Austrian notary fees are more expensive.

We will guide you through the entire process of your limited company formation in Austria. The incorporation process requires the preparation of different paperwork which will be orchestrated by us.

  • Organization of all Appointments in connection to the formation of the limited liability company in Austria

  • Gathering all necessary paperwork

  • Overall Assistance during and after the incorporation of your Austrian company

  • All notary meetings can be done remotely using WEB-ID authentication


  • company name
  • company seat
  • company activity
  • share capital
  • share capital contribution (100% or 50%)
  • at least one managing director
  • power of representation (single / joint)
  • at least one shareholder
  • fiscal year


Privileged Company Formation

10000share capital
  • at least € 5.000 (50%) have to be paid to an Austrian bank account before registration with commercial courts
  • the standard share capital amounting to €35.000 is reduced to an amount of €10.000 for the period of 10 years. After 10 years the difference to the remaining minimum share capital of €17.500 has to be contributed

Standard Company Formation

35000share capital
  • at least € 17.500 (50%) have to be paid to an Austrian bank account before registration with commercial courts
  • the standard share capital amounting to €35.000 is registered from the beginning

Not included are third party costs such as notary fees, commercial court fees and publication fees.

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