Domiciliation | Company Seat | Virtual Office

Every Austrian GmbH requires a registered business address (Geschäftsanschrift), “seat” of the company.

We provide our client’s shelf companies with a business address in Vienna’s first district (city center), within walking distance from Stephansplatz.

The address is registered with the commercial court, tax authority as well as city municipality, in case the company operates business.

Our staff receives mail addressed to the Austrian ready made company and deals with it according to our clients’ instructions:

  • collecting and forwarding unopened mail
  • scanning incoming mail and forwarding by email
  • scanning incoming mail and responding to it according to the client’s instructions
  • Upon request we can also provide a land line telephone number. Incoming calls can be answered by you directly or they can be answered by us.


In order to keep your company in a good standing we are ready to support you and your operative business. Our secretaries will send your business letters, answer your incoming telephone calls and deliver or pick up your documents in person.

Your Advantages

  • we keep your corporate documents at the legal company address applying all obligations for executive care
  • we forward your documents to the tax advisor, notary, lawyer or business partner
    • calendar management for important due dates
    • obligatory due dates
    • payment dates
    • mandatory statutory meeting
  • making notes and drafting minutes for meetings

Please bear in mind that the above scope of services applies to Austrian companies (shelf companies) with little or no day-to-day business activity. In case you are planning to run an operative business with the company please let us know in time as additional fees will apply.

Bookkeeping and Payroll Accounting

Every Austrian GmbH has to meet all requirements in order to comply with applicable tax laws.

The mandatory annual tax return including the financial statement of the company has to be filed on an annual basis. The managing director of the company has to organize the draft of the financial statement within the first 6 month of the year. Due date for filing financial statements with commercial courts is September 30th.

Upon request we will send all fees related to accounting and payroll accounting services.

The offered annual fee for bookkeeping and accounting services refers to ready made companies with little or no day to day business activity.

In case your company will perform active day to day business operations, please let us know in time in order to quote an adequate fee.

Bookkeeping services are performed by an independent subcontractor (legal requirement).

Tax Advisory / Annual Financial Statement

We can recommend to you the tax advisor best suited and having the best experiences for your line of business. Financial Statements can be drafted in Austrian and English language.

Our fee schedule includes the costs of the tax advisor for preparing and filing the financial statement for a company with little activity. You can follow our recommendation or instruct us to work together with the tax advisor of your choice.