When time is an issue you may choose to buy one of our ready made shelf companies (limited liability company).

Of course there are other reasons why you should consider buying a registered shelf company from us:

Your Advantages

  • swift execution (notary meeting within 24 hours)

  • legal clarity (enforceable deeds)

  • no liabilities, free from debt

  • remote representation

Configuration Shelf Company

GmbH 10K

14950share purchase price
  • ** € 10.000 share capital available (fully paid in)
  • registered | tax number | no history

GmbH 35K

39950share purchase price
  • ** € 35.000 share capital available (fully paid in)
  • registered | tax number | no history

** the initial share capital of the limited liability company amounting to EUR 35.000,– or EUR 10.000,– has been paid to a notary trust account. Hence the share capital is available to the company for operative business.

In addition the price indicated above does not include third party costs such as notary fees, commercial court fees and publication fees.

Please note that in Austria a limited company has to pay an annual minimum amount of corporate income tax (CIT) no matter the company has had profits or not. As a consequence paid taxes can be used for future profits though. Therefore, if the company subject to being sold has already paid CIT to tax authorities, this amount will be added to the above mentioned purchase price. In general CIT amounts to EUR 500 or EUR 1.750 per year. (5% of the share capital)

If you want to get more information on the costs involved with the acquisition of an austrian company please do not hesitate to contact us!

Get more information – Company Acquisition

If you want to request more detailed information please give us your contact details!

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Acquisition Process

  • Please send us your contact details.
  • In return we will send to you a list containing the required information for the KYC compliance check.
  • We will assess received KYC compliance information.
  • As the KYC Compliance check is now positively completed, you will receive down payment instructions. After the amount is at our disposal the company is reserved for you.
  • At this point we can provide you with company related information such as the company register extract and tax number certificate.
  • We are prepared to forward to you the drafts of the notary documents.
  • You have to approve the drafts or you can request further amendments
  • Once the entire share purchase prices has been received all notary documents can be signed at the Austrian notary. Alternatively you can transfer the share purchase price to the notary trust account for a small fee.
  • After the signing of the share purchase agreement you will be the owner of the company.
  • The new managing director can represent the company from that day on.
  • The registration of the changes in the company with commercial courts takes between 7-10 days.